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What is a "social share" image?

Updated: Feb 9

Quick Post Alert - A social share image is the image received my recipients when you share your companies URL via social media or text message. For example, our URL displays an inviting image of a laptop perched on a hardwood table. Social share images help differentiate your brand from the competition and boost professionalism and credibility.

Demand Mojo is a distinguished web design agency committed to propelling businesses into the digital forefront. We specialize in crafting striking brand visuals, optimizing SEO strategies, and developing user-friendly mobile interfaces to elevate your online identity. Our broad-ranging portfolio reflects our adaptability and proficiency, with successful projects completed for construction companies, healthcare facilities, the nascent cannabis sector and fintech startups.

With an entrepreneurial spirit at our core, we appreciate the essence of adhering to timelines, optimizing budgets for cost-effectiveness, and delving into the minutiae. Our extensive experience has equipped us with the unique ability to clarify and execute even the most abstract creative ideas into definitive, profit-enhancing strategies.

If you're planning to create a new website, enhance your existing one, or seeking assistance in lead generation, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're eager to support your digital journey.

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