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How do I boost my company's Google Ranking?

Updated: Feb 8

Since it’s inception in 1998 Google has radically altered the way consumers buy products and services. The name Google was actually a misspelling of the number “googol”. This number is 1 followed by 1000 zeros. The intent of the name was to show the amount of information the search engine would eventually hold. Today, Google processes 20 petabytes of data every day. That equivalent to 20 googols!

Despite the enormity of data processed on the internet, all business owners want to know is one thing: How do I improve my Google ranking and make more sales?

Like most great questions, the answer is simple, but the “how” is a bit more complicated. Much like fishing, the most important part of attracting customers is by using great bait! In the digital world, great bait is a great website.

Websites can be optimized into great bait in four ways:

1. Fast upload speeds

2. Mobile optimization

3. Backlinks

4. Continual content generation

Upload speed plays an important role in determining your Google search ranking. Websites that don’t upload quickly will suffer on Google. Optimizing images, and reducing animations helps make your site faster.

Mobile optimization refers to websites that are designed to be viewed on smartphones. One of the major requirements on Google’s algorithm is for websites to be mobile optimized. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, Google will assume your website is old, and reduce it search ranking.

Backlinks are mentions of your company’s URL on a different website. For example, a business may announce a press release that features their website domain. The press release may be later shown on a local business blog. If this blog features the URL of the company that announced the release, that is considered a backlink. The more backlinks a website has the higher Google perceives its authority. Higher authority translates into higher ranking.

Continual content generation can be achieved in two different ways. This first is through generating content yourself, and the other is by having site visitors generate content. Blogs that produce consistent, quality, content are perceived as more relevant which will increase the sites ranking. Moreover, blogs that answer key questions about a specific topic will likely drive more traffic to the site since lots of people are looking for the answer. If enough people view a specific blog post after searching for a specific question, Google may choose to list key inserts from your blog on their search engine.

Demand Mojo is a distinguished web design agency committed to propelling businesses into the digital forefront. We specialize in crafting striking brand visuals, optimizing SEO strategies, and developing user-friendly mobile interfaces to elevate your online identity. Our broad-ranging portfolio reflects our adaptability and proficiency, with successful projects completed for construction companies, healthcare facilities, the nascent cannabis sector and fintech startups.

With an entrepreneurial spirit at our core, we appreciate the essence of adhering to timelines, optimizing budgets for cost-effectiveness, and delving into the minutiae. Our extensive experience has equipped us with the unique ability to clarify and execute even the most abstract creative ideas into definitive, profit-enhancing strategies.

If you're planning to create a new website, enhance your existing one, or seeking assistance in lead generation, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're eager to support your digital journey.

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